Rockler Woodworking and Hardware Build your own shutters and save hundreds!
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Easy as 1-2-3
1 - Measure 2 - Design 3 - Build
  Download our measuring guide.   Our Online Design Wizard creates your
plan in 20 seconds!
  Get your supplies and start building.  
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Design it!
Our Jigs Are The Key!
With Rockler's Shutter System, building your own shutters is easy. Combine our jigs with the online Shutter Design Wizard and free plans;
you'll be making shutters in no time!
1-1/4'' Louvers 2-1/2'' Louvers 3-1/2'' Louvers
  Fixed Louver
Movable Louver
  Fixed Louver
Movable Louver
  Fixed Louver
Movable Louver
We've Thought Of Everything!
From plans to wood to jigs and supplies, we’ve thought of everything you need to successfully build your shutters!
  Save time with our unfinished basswood Louver Stock!   Or, make your own louvers with our Router Bits.   Used with our Movable Shutter Jigs, these Shutter Control Arm Fasteners are easy to install.   Complete your movable shutters with our Nylon Shutter Pins.  
Which tools do I need to complete the project?

Drill - to use with our jigs
to drill shutter pin holes
and more

Miter Saw - to cut louvers
and frame stock to length.

Table Saw - to cut frame
components to width

Router and router table
(Optional) - to create an
optional bead on stiles, to
create a mouse-hole for a
control arm, or to create your
own louver stock.
Do I need to be an experienced woodworker?
No! Our Shutter Building System is designed to be simple, even for inexperienced woodworkers. The instructions are easy to follow and the Shutter Jigs are easy to use. Basic do-it-yourself skills and knowhow are sufficient to complete the project!
Get Started Today!
Our free Shutter Design Wizard makes it easy and so affordable to make your own shutters! Simply input your window dimensions and the wizard delivers a bill of materials complete with drawings, cross-section diagrams, elevations, and the supplies you need to complete your project. See our measuring guide to determine accurate dimensions for your shutters.